Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Foolish Woman, The Failure Of A Man

Ever so often, stories are told of man and woman relationship and its failure, but if we carefully examine the nature of those stories, there is one thing that stands out - A foolish woman, the failure of a man.

In the beginning as told by the Bible, the Creator of heavens and earth created two beings, a man and a woman with given names, given rights and more so dominion over less human species. However, due to the fact that the woman's elegance, good winning and her whinny persona, the man was obviously enslaved by these characteristics, hence not having the ability to think on his own. So much said, it continues to states that the woman have had a negotiation with another supposedly the devil who had appeared in the garden where both parties were placed in by the Creator. As such, there are numerous talks that are said of how the negotiation went down without the involvement of the man, one of which stands out - she had her apple and the man was not eating it right, hence the devil dwelled in properly eating it, giving her so much pleasure, she did not even bother to trick or treat her man. The Creator was most upset that he ordered both man and woman to leave the garden. 

Where was the man? If you closely examine the paragraph above, you will notice that the activity mentioned involved two parties, the woman and the devil. However, the Creator displeasure with not only one party but with both parties the man and the woman. Had the man, properly done his work, not being fooled by the woman's scanty ways, he would have by some other activities arrest her foolishness and sentence her with some good daggering, proving to her he is the real big man.

Nonetheless, women are wonderful beings, but truth be told SOME are classically foolish, the way they think, the way the talk, etc and as such many men have been successfully trapped in this circle of foolishness, causing great failure upon themselves.

Rest assure, if you are wondering if this blog is written by a homosexual, your answer would be stumble upon a fat NO. I am heterosexually protected and born with a natural instinct to always have a STANDING ovation for women, need not to say more.

In this particular story, I incidentally have been acquainted with a couple for a number of years, sharing good communication, sharing of thoughts and good business ventures, but one thing that stands out most was the fact the woman's thought processes have encircled her spouse. Given that grey area, I spoke the the male counterpart giving him some insight why it is not good for him not to submit at all times his spouse ideas and decisions. Such said, they had experienced an internal debt crissis one which seems to be racing with Greece's economy.  I however distinctively, pointed out to him grey issues that would have become topical in the relationship, given that I was awared that he is a YES man to his spouse. 

Earlier, the gentleman hits back stating that his spouse knows what she is doing, due to the fact she is an accountant by profession at a financial firm (the firm collapse the sometime ago). 

I do know a lot of persons especially, politicians who are properly educated and are very much decorated with a vast barrel of knowledge, and are really good in using hammer and chisel to break down an economy for reference. - Greece, Jamaica, Zimbabwe.

In closing, it is relatively easy for a man to fail by a foolish woman, but if it is syndrome, it can be cured. As man one should constant communicate, which will enable a lot of things and bring to life a better visualization of how each party thinks.

Love your woman as much as she loves you, but make sure you communicate with her so that the demon of foolishness does not possess and fail you.

I am Legend.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Can Jeep handle potholes?

I am certainly bemused of the fact that the other party is trying to play the three card gimmicks, similar to the current one has done, which certainly had adversed effect on the people in the promise land and the flow of milk and honey - Increase, Jobs, and Freeness.

It is obvious enough that some people are not matured enough or political educated, which one can say by assumption, illiteracy is a growing trend. The other party by no means are working on their agenda, I believe it is a progressive one since JEEP have been conceptualized, sort of. Jamaica does not manufacture vehicle and if you are planning use a jeep to enhance or stimulate a hungry economy the idea is bad, ill-concieve and poor thought process not to mentioned put together by persons of intelligence. I know I cannot put J$2000.00 of 87 gas or 90 not even diesel in it to distribute any goods or freeness to compaigners, I would of have been stuck on the highway waiting helplessly.

JEEP, does it make sense or just pure simple gimmicks? Clearly, we hardly manufactured anything much less to have a jeep to boost a struggling economy in which would cost monies to remove from custom.

In all honesty and by my permissable opinion, I think we should renegotiate our current agreement(s) with the IMF, or should package marijuana that have a high value for exportation and for tourist attract, I am sure within 6 month the economy would of grown by at least 15% and not by 1% or 2% (ridiculus growth by some bankers) and to further mention it is the only crop that seems to possess more value the coffee up by the mountain which is ever blue.

Albeit, I am not discrediting anyone's plan for the development of the country, but careful thoughts and planning should be invested and blinkers worn by stakeholders should be removed as to the fact we are in a dynamic arena and competitive marketplace.

In conclusion, are our leaders at least some, are they really Jamaicans or bothie playing dandy shandy with tax payers.

All Jamaicans should at this time, day and age, this century, this millennium should think like first world visionaries not like third world citizens.